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Contact Kristie Phillips  Kristie Phillips Teacher
Contact Elizabeth Sehlmeyer  Elizabeth Sehlmeyer Teacher, NBCT
First Grade
Contact Cheryl Mcelheney  Cheryl Mcelheney Teacher, NBCT
Contact Cheryl Russey  Cheryl Russey Teacher
Second Grade
Contact Brigitte Duran  Brigitte Duran Teacher
Contact Kathy Nahra Jesse  Kathy Nahra Jesse Teacher
Third Grade
Contact Leeann Gatti  Leeann Gatti Teacher
Contact Lauri Welch  Lauri Welch Teacher - Combo, NBCT
Fourth Grade
Contact Clare Cuellar  Clare Cuellar Teacher - Combo
Contact Monica Glover  Monica Glover Teacher
Contact Lauri Welch  Lauri Welch Teacher - Combo, NBCT
Fifth Grade
Contact Clare Cuellar  Clare Cuellar Teacher - Combo
Contact Tina Ecker  Tina Ecker Teacher
Education Assistant
Contact Roseanne Baca  Roseanne Baca EA-Kinder
Contact Debra Evans  Debra Evans EA-Paul Dickson IGS2
Contact Mary Frances Leyva  Mary Frances Leyva EA - Floater - IGS
Contact Mary Maestas  Mary Maestas EA-Trish SPED
Contact Christine Martin  Christine Martin EA-Connors-R - Child Find
Contact Connie Martinez  Connie Martinez EA - Paul Dickson - IGS2
Contact Stephanie Martinez  Stephanie Martinez EA - Kriste Phillips- Kinder
Contact Andrea Montano  Andrea Montano EA - Laura King - IGS1
Contact Sindy Munoz  Sindy Munoz EA-Guzman - SPED
Contact Jennifer Santillanes  Jennifer Santillanes EA - Eve Alcon - IGS1 K-3
Contact Renee Villanueva  Renee Villanueva Health Assistant
Contact Cynthia Vonhentschel  Cynthia Vonhentschel EA - Heather McNeil - IGS1 4th & 5th
Contact Esther Zamora  Esther Zamora EA - Russey - 1st grade
Special Ed
Contact Eve Alcon  Eve Alcon Teacher - SPED
Contact Robert Connors  Robert Connors Teacher - Head SPED - Child Find DPP
Contact Paul Dickson  Paul Dickson Teacher - SPED - IGS2
Contact Patricia Eisenzimmer  Patricia Eisenzimmer Teacher - SPED Child Find DPP
Contact Nancy Guzman  Nancy Guzman Teacher - IGS1 3rd - 5th
Contact Laura King  Laura King Teacher - IGS1 - K-2
Contact Heather Macneil  Heather Macneil Teacher - Crosscat 4th and 5th
Contact Fred March  Fred March Principal
Office Staff
Contact Annabel Griego  Annabel Griego Principal Secretary
Contact Yamel Soto  Yamel Soto Office Clerk
Support Staff
Contact Angela Bogner  Angela Bogner Title 1 / Librarian, NBCT
Contact Berta Garcia  Berta Garcia Computer Tech CSN1
Contact Stacey Kwiatkowski  Stacey Kwiatkowski School Counselor
Contact Colleen Orlovsky  Colleen Orlovsky Instructional Coach, NBCT
Contact MICHAEL SAAVEDRA  MICHAEL SAAVEDRA (505) 615-5826 PE Coach .5
Contact Dina Ward  Dina Ward Nurse
Contact Daniel Friedrich  Daniel Friedrich Staff
Contact Cheryl Goodale  Cheryl Goodale OT/PT/Child Find, NBCT
Contact Jana Haas  Jana Haas SLP
Contact Jennifer Lerch  Jennifer Lerch SLP
Contact Dolores Jaramillo  Dolores Jaramillo Cafeteria Manager
Contact Larry Anaya  Larry Anaya Custodian-Night
Contact Carlos Chavez  Carlos Chavez Custodian - Head
Contact Raymond Holcomb  Raymond Holcomb Custodian - Night .5